Healthy products

Products that promote health and well-being

BioGaia strives to develop products that are healthy in all respects, which means we consider their impact on individuals, the environment and on society.

Our focus areas

Our efforts to develop and offer healthy products occur primarily through three focus areas:

  • Transparent research and clinically proven effect
  • Positive impact on health
  • Quality and safety

Transparent research and clinically proven effect

Ensuring our products have clinically proven effects is vital for contributing to better health.

Additionally, it is crucial that research is conducted in a transparent, independent, and ethical manner to guarantee reliable results.

Positive impact on health

BioGaia’s mission is to give everyone probiotics that are proven to promote health and well-being. We believe that BioGaia’s impact on health and well-being is the most crucial factor for our long-term success as a company.

Our long-term strategic focus on research and development has enabled BioGaia to produce and sell probiotic products with clinically proven health benefits. Our efforts in providing information and training about probiotics to distribution partners, consumers, and healthcare professionals enhance understanding of probiotics’ positive impact on health. Additionally, BioGaia’s dedication to combating antibiotic resistance contributes to improved health, worldwide.

Quality and safety

Food supplements that are unsafe pose a serious threat to consumer health. The safety and quality of BioGaia’s products are therefore of the utmost importance. The quality of our products also affects the consumer experience. Reliable research on the product’s positive effects and a consistent production process ensure that BioGaia’s products hold a high standard of quality.

BioGaia has direct control of product quality during the actual production process, and of its direct sales to end consumers through BioGaia-operated e-commerce sites. When products are sold via distribution partners, BioGaia has indirect control over quality once the products have been delivered to distributors and resellers.

Sustainability report

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