BioGaia is one of the world leaders in probiotics for the whole family. We retain this position by continuously developing new products and updating our existing product range.

The probiotics market is fragmented, and many companies are competing for the attention of consumers. However, the crucial factor in a consumer’s purchasing decision is their trust in the product. In other words, whether the consumer sees the product as safe to use and effective for its purpose. To achieve our vision to be the most trusted probiotic brand in the world, we have made enormous investments in research and development during the past 34 years.

Research is in our DNA. This is why we invest around 10 percent of our net sales in research and development. Our research is condition-based, which means we start with a condition such as colic or constipation, and conduct high-quality pre-clinical models and clinical studies that focus on these particular conditions. This makes us unique and is one of several reasons for the high level of trust we have among consumers and healthcare and medical services processionals around the world.

About BioGaia and our probiotic

Research network

BioGaia has an extensive research network and collaborates with universities and hospitals around the world.

Our research network

Limitations in communication regarding health benefits of probiotics in the EU

Due to European regulatory rules, we are unable to communicate the effects or health benefits of our products. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulates all nutrition and health claims, and currently, there are no approved health claims for probiotics.