The image bank

The image bank contains downloadable images of BioGaia’s logos, products, production facility and laboratory and the management team.
The images are available in high-resolution format and are aimed at the media and other stakeholders of our products and our company.

Please note

All images, logos and all rights attached to them are owned exclusively by BioGaia AB. Materials in the image bank may be used free of charge for editorial purposes and only for non-commercial purposes. The images may not be used for any other purpose without permission from BioGaia. Likewise, it is not permitted to change the design, colors or otherwise distort the images in any way.

Porträtt av Mikaela Idermark Stern

Mikaela Idermark Stern

Corporate Communications Manager

08-55 52 93 06



Product packshots

The product pictures are created using BioGaia’s master trade dress. Packages look different depending on market.

BioGaia Production

BioGaia’s laboratory in Eslöv, Sweden

BioGaia´s logotypes

BioGaia´s executive team