Investment in our shares

Investing in BioGaia entails ownership in a company with a prominent position in a growing market. As a global leader in the probiotics sector, BioGaia has continuously created significant value for consumers, customers and shareholders since the beginning in 1990. We have achieved this by maximizing the sale of our established products and by developing new, sought-after solutions that meet consumers’ demands and needs. BioGaia AB was listed on the stock exchange in 1998, and here is a description of the key value-generating factors behind the share.

Expanding industry

The market for probiotic food supplements is expected to have annual global growth of approximately five percent up until 2028*, primarily driven by a growing interest in health and preventive measures.

Leading market position

BioGaia is the global leader in the development of probiotics for children with colic. Our position is strengthened by continuous development and renewal of the product range. For example, by adding Vitamin D to BioGaia Protectis BABY Drops and introducing a new packaging type, the Easy Dropper, for the same product. As well as updates to formulations, such as phasing out of palm oil.

Profitable growth

In 2023, our revenue increased by 17 percent and our operating margin has been an average of 32 percent over the past five years, despite the pandemic, high inflation, a global economic downturn and turbulent global situation. We continue to prioritize profitable growth by satisfying the needs of our consumers and remaining cost efficient.

Innovative products

By investing approximately 10 percent of our net sales in research and development, we strengthen our competitive advantages in the short and long term. This has, in the past, enabled the launch of new patented products, such as the world’s first probiotic chewable tablets and drops.

Strong brand

BioGaia, as a Group brand, has developed to become a leading consumer brand in probiotics. This position helps us to generate and retain loyal customers, both among distribution partners and consumers, in many markets and regions.

Sustainable solutions

BioGaia’s initiatives within sustainability have this year led to a gold medal from EcoVadis, and they placed us among the top two percent in the industry. Our focus on healthy products, sustainable corporate governance and reduced climate impact, supported by science-based climate targets, means that we are well positioned in a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly critical. This not only contributes to the well-being of the planet but also our long-term competitiveness and commercial success.

Efficient business

Many of our products are manufactured in Eslöv under our own management, which enables efficient production and delivery with a good level of profitability. We work continuously to optimize our manufacturing, range of products and supply chain through Lean processes and automation.


* Euromonitor, August 2023


Investor contact

Alexander Kotsinas

Alexander Kotsinas

Deputy CEO and CFO

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