Healthy business

A business run in a sound and ethical manner

BioGaia strives to run a healthy business, which means promoting business ethics, maintaining human rights and good working conditions throughout the value chain.

Our focus areas

Within the area of healthy business, BioGaia manages the following sustainability issues:

  • Business ethics
  • Responsible marketing
  • Responsible third parties
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee health
  • Diversity and equal opportunities

Business ethics

Business ethics at BioGaia means that the operations are governed in a sustainable manner, in line with the company’s Code of Conduct. This includes making decisions that take into account the long-term profitability of the business and its impact on the company’s stakeholders. To promote good business ethics, it is crucial that coworkers are aware of, trained in, and comply with the company’s policies and Code of Conduct.

BioGaia’s efforts to ensure ethical governance and business operations are deemed to have a significant impact on the company’s financial strength and its impact on society. This makes the area one of the company’s most material sustainability matters.

Responsible marketing

Communication with our stakeholders is crucial in achieving our vision of being the most trusted probiotic brand in the world. Clear and accurate marketing to our customers creates confidence and credibility, thereby leading to loyal customers.

Responsible third parties

It is important to take action to promote a more sustainable value chain as the greatest impact often occurs beyond the company boundaries. By imposing clear requirements, monitoring these requirements and maintaining a close and productive partnership with our suppliers and distribution partners across the value chain, we can contribute to sustainable development and also reduce the risk of disruptions in the value chain.

Employee engagement

BioGaia strives to engage and inspire our coworkers, which offers each of them an opportunity to become the best version of themselves. This benefits their colleagues and the business. By systematically increasing engagement among employees, we reduce the risk of losing valuable expertise, which ultimately is crucial to the company’s capacity to deliver high-quality products. Employee engagement and development is encouraged through work with values, leadership, employee surveys, development activities and through annual performance reviews. This review sets clear targets for the coming year, in terms of training needs and personal goals.

Employee health

BioGaia strives to promote a physically and mentally healthy environment for our employees. This is important for their well-being and motivation, which in turn contributes to greater productivity and lower costs for BioGaia. Our Work Environment Policy forms the foundation for our efforts to secure a safe and healthy workplace.

Diversity and equal opportunities

BioGaia is an organization that has employees with backgrounds from several different parts of the world. Maintaining a diverse and inclusive working environment is important for commercial success and for attracting qualified employees. A lack of diversity and gender equality in the workplace can lead to poor decision-making and performance as a result of potential group thinking, low employee loyalty, a lack of motivation and a workplace culture that could be seen as discriminating.

Sustainability report

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