About BioGaia

Who we are

BioGaia is a Swedish world-leading probiotics company that has been a pioneer in microbiome research for over 30 years.

BioGaia’s products, based on L. reuteri bacterial strains, are among the most scientifically validated globally. Our vision is to be the most trusted probiotic brand in the world.

The BioGaia Group has 210 coworkers who, among other things, work with research, production, marketing, and sales. We operate in three geographical markets: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Americas (USA, Canada, and South America), and APAC (Asia and the Pacific). Through our efficient and diversified product supply chain, we adapt to the market’s needs.

What we do

We develop, manufacture, market, and sell probiotic products for gut, oral, and immune health.

The products are sold through distribution partners (partnerships with nutrition and pharmaceutical companies) and through our own distribution (subsidiaries) in over 100 countries.

When BioGaia was founded in 1990, we distributed our probiotic products through partners under their brands. In 2006, we took the step to launch our own brand, BioGaia. Today, a crucial part of our brand strategy is to increase product sales under the BioGaia brand. In 2023, over 90 percent of the products were under the BioGaia brand or co-branding.

Why we do it

Our probiotic products have clinically proven effects that contribute to better health and well-being worldwide.

We invest an average of about 10 percent of our net sales in research and development. This is to deepen our knowledge of probiotics and the human microbiome, discover new bacterial strains for existing and new conditions, and expand our product portfolio. Our worldwide research network enables collaborations with leading researchers in their fields. We strive for groundbreaking solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.