Climate Transformation Fund

Our support for Climate Transformation Fund

Since 2013, BioGaia has purchased carbon offsets for the company’s emissions. However, in 2022 the company decided to support the Climate Transformation Fund to maximise the impact of its climate investments.

BioGaia’s support for the fund is based on an internal CO2 cost. The fund focuses on long-term global impact, and its intention is to support the most cost-efficient and sustainable climate solutions to achieve net zero emissions worldwide. The fund supports both new and untried technology, including projects that work with methods to sustainably store carbon (Carbon Capture System, CCS), advocacy and policies to reduce emissions, and the scaling up of successful, proven solutions like sustainable projects that restore and protect nature.

Each year, the fund selects a number of projects related to carbon removal, decarbonisation, and restoring and protecting nature that have the potential to reduce emissions in the short, medium, and long term. By not focusing solely on projects that can provide climate offset credits, the fund can also support other types of projects needed to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals. An advisory group with extensive experience in climate change selects projects based on a number of criteria. BioGaia will provide support in line with the internal carbon price set for emissions estimated in 2021 and beyond. In 2023, BioGaia invested USD 26,300 in the fund and, for its 2021 emissions, it will invest USD 41,500 in 2023.

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