BioGaia at AAP


SaturdaySeptember 16, 201700:00


TuesdaySeptember 19, 201700:00


Chicago, USA

On September 16-19, BioGaia participated at the yearly National Conference and Exhibition of The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The congress that took place in Chicago attracted almost 13 000 visitors, mainly pediatricians from the U.S. but also from south America and Europe. It is one of the largest congresses of its kind.

BioGaia was, together with our US partner Everidis, represented with a 54 sqm booth presenting the BioGaia pediatric portfolio. The scientific focus was on the functional GI disorders infantile colic, regurgitation, functional constipation and functional abdominal pain (FAP). The interest in our booth was great and we attracted nearly 1300 visitors.

In addition, we hosted a Product Theatre (like a symposium but more product oriented) with the title ‘L. reuteri Protectis in colic and other functional GI-disorders – Medical evidence, clinical application and parental perspective’. Dr Bryan Vartebedian, pediatric gastroenterologist from Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital was the moderator and guided the audience through the show with his two guests. Dr Flavia Indrio, neonatologist and pediatric gastroenterologist, University of Bari, Italy, shared her strong scientific and medical expertise and presented the evidence and application of L. reuteri Protectis in a clear and convincing way. Kristine Smith, mother of a child with colic, presented how she had experienced her daughter’s colicky period – the emotional stress and her frustration when she was told there was nothing she could do but wait for it to self-resolve, and the relief she felt when her baby finally got better with the BioGaia Protectis drops. Almost all 100 seats were filled up and there were many good questions among the audience.

The attendance in the conference was a great success and we thank Everidis for the good teamwork.

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