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BioGaia is a Swedish world-leading probiotics company

BioGaia is a Swedish world-leading probiotics company that has been at the forefront of microbiome research for over 30 years. BioGaia develops, manufactures, markets, and sells probiotic products for gut health, immune health and oral health. Our probiotic products with strains of L. reuteri are among the most scientifically documented in the world.

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Research is in our DNA, and we have long been leaders in microbiome research

Our dedicated focus on research and development has earned us strong trust within the healthcare profession.

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BioGaia’s corporate video presents our history, vision, mission, and core values.
It describes who we are, what we do, and why we do it.


For BioGaia, sustainability means constantly working to promote better health, through our products, our operations and our impact on the environment.

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