MetaboGen has reached a new crucial milestone in its development of novel probiotic products

MetaboGen aims at developing next generation probiotic products focusing on metabolic conditions with special emphasis on diabetes and related diseases. The company has now received approval from the Ethics Committee to start a new clinical study.

After obtaining positive results in the initial clinical study with the strains Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (DSM 32379) and Desulfovibrio piger (DSM 32187), MetaboGen has now received approval from the Ethics Committee to proceed into its next clinical study, targeting a pre-diabetic population. 

”We are really looking forward to the outcome of our next clinical study. In parallel we are working on the optimization of our production processes to prepare for commercial scale. The bacteria we work with are very sensitive to oxygen, so we have developed and patented a unique production technology which helps us overcome this challenge. We are very excited about these next steps and look forward to launching our first product,” says Sara Malcus, Managing Director of MetaboGen. 


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