bWellness launches BioGaia Protectis tablets in Australia

BioGaia has entered into a partnership with bWellness for the marketing and distribution of BioGaia Protectis tablets in the Australian market. The launch starts during September 2018 and the product will be marketed under the BioGaia brand. 

The BioGaia Protectis tablets will be included in bWellness’ range Bio-Practica. Bio-Practica focuses on integrative and complementary therapeutic solutions marketed towards healthcare professionals, so called medical marketing. In the opinion of bWellness the evidence and importance of this product means it should be prescribed by healthcare professionals.

“There is much confusion and even mainstream misinformation on probiotics right now, so we felt that a product with such a clear body of evidence should be dispensed by healthcare professionals to separate it from other less well researched formulas”, says Peter Ochsenham, Managing Director, bWellness.

“With an established and highly professional partner like bWellness I hope that sales of our well-documented BioGaia Protectis tablets in Australia will become a success”, says Sebastian Schröder, Acting Managing Director, BioGaia.

About Bio-Practica nutraceuticals brand
Bio-Practica is an Australian owned practitioner-only brand. Bio-Practica’s dedication to empowering integrative healthcare professionals has seen them continue to source and develop the range of products, which are built on premium quality ingredients, evidence-based formulations and the latest scientific research.

About bWellness
bWellness is an Australian company with over 20 years’ experience. The company has a range of therapeutic partners and modalities covering all aspects of nutrition and natural medicine modalities.

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