BioGaia starts its own distribution in Canada

Starting in 2023, BioGaia will be selling probiotics under its own management in Canada. Following the acquisition of Nutraceutics in the US at the end of 2021, BioGaia aims to leverage on operational synergies and as a consequence the company has agreed with its current distributor, Ferring, to terminate the agreement.

The decision is part of the company’s overall strategy of increasing B2C sales. The regulatory landscape for BioGaia’s probiotic products is very favourable in Canada, enabling the company to communicate health benefits/claims.

“Canada is an attractive market for BioGaia with a consumer value of 115 million USD and annual growth of 5.3%*. Many consumers have good knowledge of probiotics and with our clinically proven probiotic products – something we know that many consumers demand – we have a strong offering for the Canadian market. Based on our global B2C strategy, and the acquisition of our US distributor Nutraceutics at the end of 2021, it is a natural step for us to start our own distribution in Canada as we see several synergies ” says Isabelle Ducellier, CEO of BioGaia.

The cooperation with Ferring started in 2012 and since then several BioGaia products have been launched in Canada.

“We want to thank Ferring for a fruitful cooperation and for their knowledge and expertise in probiotics, together we have built a strong brand and we are excited to take the next steps under our own management, says Joakim Annwall, Regional Director USA and Canada

* Source: Euromonitor

For additional information please contact
Isabelle Ducellier, CEO

Phone: +46(0)85 552 93 00

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