BioGaia signs exclusive agreement in Argentina

BioGaia has signed an agreement with ETHICAL NUTRITION – Roemmers Nutritional Division – for the exclusive rights to sell BioGaia Protectis drops and BioGaia Protectis tablets in Argentina. The products will be sold under the BioGaia brand. Launch is planned to take place in Q4 2020.

ETHICAL NUTRITION is a company that is specialised in child nutrition products, such as infant formulas and different nutritional supplements. The company distributes its products in Argentina and several other countries in Latin America.


“It is a pleasure to cooperate with BioGaia. One of the reasons is that BioGaia is the owner of a probiotic with a lot of evidence in functional gastrointestinal disorders, such as colic, and is supported with a robust amount of clinical studies to enter the Argentinian market. We are confident that we will succeed,” says Dr. Ariel Melamud, General Manager of ETHICAL NUTRITION, Argentina.


“BioGaia has been successfully present in Latin America for a long time, thanks to strong partnerships with local distributors. I am very happy to be able to extend our coverage in this part of the world by entering Argentina with a professional distributor,” says Isabelle Ducellier, President and CEO of BioGaia.


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