BioGaia opens up new subsidiary in Finland – Takes over local distribution with BioGaia brand

Starting in Q3 2021, BioGaia’s products will be sold under the BioGaia brand in Finland, due to the termination of the former distribution agreement with the Finnish company Verman. The takeover of the distribution is a strategic step for BioGaia on the Finnish market. “Finland is an important market for us with one of the world’s highest penetrations of probiotic products,” says BioGaia’s CEO Isabelle Ducellier.

BioGaia is an innovative Swedish healthcare company that has been a world-leader in food supplements with probiotics for more than 30 years and whose products are currently sold in over 100 countries. BioGaia’s products contain the patented and well documented probiotic strain L. reuteri Protectis (DSM 17938) that has been tested in more than 150 clinical studies. This unique strain is available only in BioGaia products, which from now on will be sold under the BioGaia brand in Finland.

The new Finnish subsidiary BioGaia Oy will be led by Minna Tähtinen who has extensive experience of probiotics and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Minna has previously worked at Verman, marketing the Rela products and has led the sales and marketing of Gefilus food supplements in Finland.

“I’m very excited about marketing BioGaia’s products under our own brand in Finland from now on. With our unique and clinically proven probiotic supplements, I’m confident that BioGaia’s position on the Finnish market will remain strong and continue to develop due to active R&D, new indications and line extensions,” says Minna Tähtinen, Managing Director of BioGaia Oy in Finland.

BioGaia’s products will be available in Finnish pharmacies and pharmacy web shops later this year.