BioGaia launches probiotic product to support children’s respiratory health

The US is the first market to launch BioGaia Pharax, which aims to strengthen the immune system and support children’s upper respiratory health.

Colds and sore throats are among the most common ailments among children of preschool age, and the reason behind a significant number of visits to pediatricians. The new probiotic product has been found to support children’s upper respiratory health.

Antibiotics not effective against viral infections

“Antibiotics are only effective against infections caused by bacteria, and most common colds are due to viruses. This means that parents are left with few alternatives other than painkillers to give their children relief,” says Joakim Annwall, Regional Director USA and Canada at BioGaia.

BioGaia created the product as a probiotic complement to normal analgesics. Given that the product is natural and non-invasive, parents can give it to their children without the worry of adverse side effects.

The product is marketed in the USA under the name BioGaia Pharentis KIDS. It is available for sale via e-commerce outlets as of mid-April.

“We see great potential for BioGaia Pharentis in the United States, which is an important market. Contributing to reducing the over-prescribing of antibiotics is also a focus area for BioGaia. Step by step we will launch the product in our other markets," says Isabelle Ducellier, CEO of BioGaia.

About BioGaia Pharentis® KIDS

Pharentis probiotic drops are safe to use for children, and are free from milk protein, gluten, and lactose. They have no side effects, and only supply healthy and positive bacteria. Five drops given twice a day (morning and evening) for ten days have been shown in studies to support upper respiratory health. Suitable for children from six months up to the age of five.

Clinical study

The clinical study was published online in Beneficial Microbes. Study facts are found here.

For additional information please contact
Isabelle Ducellier, CEO: +46(0)85 552 93 00

Joakim Annwall, Regional Director USA and Canada: +1 919 909 6411

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