BioGaia Invest (BGI) – a new subsidiary focusing on innovative investments to support the growth of BioGaia

As part of BioGaia AB’s ambition to grow and develop as an innovative life science company, a separate entity, BioGaia Invest (BGI), has been established. The focus of BGI will be to identify and invest in smaller companies focusing on ground-breaking technologies, services and products that will support the growth of BioGaia. 

To fuel continued strong growth and to stay in the forefront of research and innovation, BioGaia AB has created BioGaia Invest (BGI). A total of SEK150 million has been allocated to BGI to enable investments between SEK 5 to 15 million in exciting new companies focusing on ground-breaking technologies, services and/or products. Sebastian Schröder, BioGaia’s EVP Business Development, has been appointed Managing Director of BGI.  

BGI will establish communication and information channels that will help BioGaia benefit from new technologies and innovations through collaboration. The purpose is to create a surrounding ecosystem that will contribute to the growth of BioGaia.

“We strongly believe that BioGaia will benefit from the dynamic environment as well as the expertise in new technologies and innovations that these companies will bring” says Isabelle Ducellier, CEO of BioGaia AB.

BGI has so far made two initial investments in cutting edge companies in their respective fields, Boneprox and Skinome.  

Boneprox is a company that specialises in artificial intelligence in dentistry, with a focus on connecting dental care with healthcare. With Boneprox's patented technology, osteoporosis can, among other things, be detected through dental x-rays. Osteoporosis is a bone disorder characterised by low bone mass causing bone fragility. Early diagnosis is crucial to prevent high disease burden. 

BGI has invested approximately SEK 10.5 million in Boneprox in a directed issue in which the former owner, private equity company Backing Minds, also participates. In connection with the investment, Boneprox and BioGaia Japan are joining forces to detect patients at risk for osteoporosis while providing BioGaia’s bone health product, BioGaia Osfortis, to subjects with low bone density. 

Skinome is a company working with microbiome friendly skin care. The Skinome products are developed to strengthen the skin's natural microbiome. 

BGI has invested approximately SEK 11.5 million in Skinome in an issue in which the private equity company Spotchain and existing shareholders also participate. In connection with the investment, BioGaia and Skinome will collaborate in the development of microbiome friendly probiotic skin care products both for Skinome and to be rolled out in BioGaia’s international network.

“We look forward to new opportunities when collaborating both with Boneprox and Skinome and are convinced that this will lead to increased growth for BioGaia,” says Sebastian Schröder, Managing Director of BGI.  


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