Annual General Meeting of BioGaia

The Annual General Meeting of BioGaia AB on 7 May 2015 voted to approve the following resolutions:

  • adoption of the annual report
  • discharge from liability for the Board members and the Managing Director
  • a dividend of SEK 5.00 per share
  • re-election of Board members Jan Annwall, David Dangoor, Stefan Elving, Inger Holmström, Brit Stakston and Paula Zeilon
  • Election of Anthon Jahreskog and Ewa Björling as Board members
    • Anthon Jahreskog, born in 1980, Chief Operating Officer, Fund Linked Products, Credit Suisse Investment Bank, London. He has several years of experience from the international financial market and expertise in strategic business planning, cost efficiency and analysis. Anthon Jahreskog is independent of the company and its management and does not own any shares in BioGaia. Anthon Jahreskog does not serve any other boards.
    • Ewa Björling, born in 1961, is a trained dentist and a Doctor of Medicine and senior lecturer in virology with many years of experience from Karolinska institutet. Ewa Björling has also been a member of the Riksdag and the Minister for Trade in the Swedish government from 2007 to 2014. Ewa Björling is independent of the company and its management and does not own any shares in BioGaia.
  • re-election of David Dangoor as Board Chairman
  • election of the registered Accounting firm Deloitte AB
  • Board member compensation in an amount of SEK 300,000 to the Chairman and SEK 150,000 to each of the other Board members not employed by the company
  • auditors’ fee shall be paid according to approved account
  • regarding principles for remuneration and other terms of employment for senior executives in accordance with the Board’s proposal
  • regarding the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Nominating Committee’s proposal

Item 18 on the agenda, regarding approval of share transfers in Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB, was cancelled by the Board of BioGaia.

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