The Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance awards four million SEK

In a press release The Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance announces that it has awarded a total of four million Swedish Crowns to four research projects. The four projects are all within the medical research area.

“It feels fantastic that we now have allocated research funding for preventive research in the field of antibiotic resistance and that we get the opportunity to contribute to promising research projects,” says Peter Rothschild, Chairman of the Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance.

In September, the Foundation announced for the first time research funding for people and projects in research, education and communication that work against antibiotic resistance through preventive measures. The aim of the projects should be to reduce the use of antibiotics by strengthening the immune system, thereby reducing the number of infections. A total of 27 applications were submitted.


Project funding awarded in 2018


Project: ”Studies on immune modulation and host-directed therapies with the aim to prevent antibiotic resistance in tuberculosis”

Grant: SEK 1,6 millions over three years

Main applicant: Susanna Brighenti, Associate Professor, Karolinska Instiutet

Project: ”The use of armed probiotics to prevent bacterial infections and to eradicate multi-drug resistant normal flora”

Grant: SEK 1,4 millions over three years

Main applicant: Sanna Koskiniemi, Associate Professor, Uppsala Universitet

Project: ”Activation of Innate Immunity as a Novel Treatment against Multidrug Resistant Bacteria – Focus on a Cellular Infection Model”

Grant: SEK 500 000 over two years

Main applicant: Peter Bergman, Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Project: ”Engineering the intestinal microbiome in patients with gut carriage of resistant bacteria”

Grant: SEK 500 000 over two years

Main applicant: Christian G. Giske, Professor, Karolinska Institutet

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The Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance was founded by BioGaia a Swedish healthcare company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products.