New Chief Scientific Officer to BioGaia

Gianfranco Grompone will start his position as Chief Scientific Officer at BioGaia in January 2020. Currently he holds a position as Discovery Lead Nutrition and Health Science Director at the global yeast and fermentation company Lesaffre International. Other work experience includes leading positions at the Agronomy National Research Institute in Uruguay, Institut Pasteur in Paris and Montevideo and Danone in Paris.

Gianfranco holds a PhD in Engineering and has a solid science background in microbiology. His areas of expertise include innovation and products connected to the microbiome, such as prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics, as well as personalized nutrition and medicine, translational medicine, functional foods and drugs and bioactive compounds screening and characterization.

“I am very glad and honored to join BioGaia as CSO. I am very excited about sharing my passion for probiotics and the microbiome, helping our teams to grow the business and move forward together on this amazing journey,” says Gianfranco Grompone.

Gianfranco was born in Uruguay and has dual nationalities, Uruguayan and Italian. As the position at BioGaia is based at the headquarters in Stockholm, he will move to Sweden.