Graduation BioGaia Academy Expert Programme in Paediatrics 2020

In these special times with many cancelled and postponed face-to-face meetings and gatherings we were very glad to be able to perform a digital graduation ceremony for the participants of BioGaia Academy Expert Programme in Paediatrics 2020. The participants were mainly physicians from the EMEA region and Asia.

During the Graduation Webinar the participants gave lectures on topics such as gut-brain axis, probiotics in combination with vitamin D for infection protection, the future role of probiotics in childcare, FGIDs such as functional abdominal pain (FAP) and the impact of C-section on the infant microbiota.

The group of participants was very dedicated and together with our medical experts engaged in very fruitful and interesting discussions throughout the programme. Even if the final graduation meeting was not physical, as originally planned, the event was very successful.


BioGaia Academy is a part of BioGaia’s mission to educate healthcare professionals. It is an advanced digital educational programme for paediatricians who have a great interest in probiotic science and its application in clinical practice. The participants are offered a modern and flexible education covering the latest research. BioGaia Academy is co-created by medical experts within the paediatric field who also tutor throughout the whole programme. With this initiative BioGaia contributes to a community of probiotic experts from all over the world, who can teach and learn from each other. BioGaia Academy was launched 2018, with participants from Europe, Asia and Latin America.