Ewopharma Bulgaria market leader with BioGaia products

BioGaia’s products are once again at the top of one of its local markets and found as market leader in the food supplements segment in Bulgaria (measuring sales in value).

BioGaia’s products in Bulgaria recorded a close to 10 per cent increase in sales in units and an 8 per cent increase in value compared to 2011. The figures include sales of BioGaia ProTectis drops, BioGaia ProTectis tablets (strawberry and lemon flavour) and BioGaia ProDentis.

Product Sales in
packs 2012
Growth vs.
2011 in packs %
Sales in value
(BGN) 2012
Growth vs. 2011
in value %
BIOGAIA 249 239 9.4% 1 110 252 7.9%

Ewopharma has successfully established products under the BioGaia brand in a number of Eastern European countries. In Bulgaria Ewopharma is both considered market leader within the food supplement segment (second year in a row) as well as the probiotic segment (fifth year in a row).

BioGaia’s goal is to be one of the three leading providers of probiotic dietary supplements in every market where the company’s products are available.