BioGaia Protectis drops best supplement in Brazil

Aché, BioGaia’s distributor in Brazil, was awarded Best performance* with their product Colidis in the 44th Lupa de Ouro Award, an annual national competition rewarding the best performances of the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry.

Aché launched Colidis (BioGaia Protectis drops) in 2014. Today it is one of the best-selling probiotic products in Brazil and the number one for infants with colic, with more than 1.2 million units sold per year. There are many competitors in the infant colic market in Brazil, both other probiotics as well as simethicone and herb products. But as no other product has a solid scientific support, Colidis is by far the most recommended product by Brazilian paediatricians.

* In the category prescription products within food supplements, vitamins, cardiovascular and metabolic products.