BioGaia improve its position amongst most gender equal Swedish companies

BioGaia in 6th place in the gender equality report of Swedish companies.

This week the Allbright foundation released its annual report showing the development of gender equality amongst management teams and boards in Swedish companies.

In last year’s report BioGaia was found as one of the companies with the greatest positive development when they climbed from place 51 to 12 on the list.

Also this year BioGaia advances, and can now found on 6th place out of 253 Swedish listed companies.

“We believe in balance in everything we do”, says Peter Rothschild, President of BioGaia.

BioGaia is well aware of the importance of equality and like any other larger company has an equality plan. The BioGaia equality plan states, among other things, that:

  • an equal company is a better company
  • an equal company is more fun to work for and
  • an equal company is a more profitable company

The full report can be found at the Allbright Foundation website (Swedish).

Allbright is a foundation whose vision is to improve the number of female managers at all levels in the Swedish business community. They do this by developing concrete measures that companies who aspire more equality can make use of.