Long-term, close collaboration

Optimised production process
BioGaia strives to continuously optimise the production process, with formulation and packaging as supporting components. This provides us with a flexible, efficient and diversified production chain adapted to market needs.

The fermentation of our probiotic bacteria is conducted at external partners, where the bacteria are freeze-dried into powder. Currently, BioGaia has two suppliers that perform fermentation and freeze-drying. Affter this, the deliveries are checked and sent to production. Production and packaging are managed at different facilities with high-quality production capacity, including the subsidiary BioGaia Production’s factory in Eslöv. This way, the supply of goods is highly flexible.

Well-developed supplier network 
An important part of production is ensuring that we have a well-balanced inventory, something that became especially clear during the pandemic. In collaboration with our suppliers, we are able to continually improve and adapt our production and logistics to meet market needs and new sustainability requirements. As a result, BioGaia has placed a high priority on maintaining good relationships with suppliers.


Sustainable purchasing and production

Long-term, close relations with a small number of suppliers are central to BioGaia’s business model. Read more