Value creation for BioGaia stakeholders

Below you will find a brief explanation of our work and measures to create value for our stakeholders. The figures are from the financial year 2020.


BioGaia has been offering consumers clinical-proven probiotics to support the health of people everywhere since 1990.

  • Five new products, none of which contain palm oil
  • 46 product launches in both new and existing markets



BioGaia offers employees a meaningful and stimulating workplace where they feel job satisfaction.

  • 40% of the Executive Management are women
  • 1.9% sickness absence 2020 (BioGaia AB)
  • 160 employees



BioGaia has built and continues to build long-term relationships with distributors, which it supports through sales and marketing.

  • 90% have signed the Code of Conduct
  • 7% average growth in the past five years



With its long-term strategy and good practice in risk management, BioGaia offers stable value appreciation for its shareholders.

  • 31% operating margin



By establishing long-term relationships and being seen as a reliable partner, BioGaia contributes to the development of suppliers.

  • 100% of key suppliers have signed the Code of Conduct



BioGaia helps increase knowledge of probiotics.

  • 14% of net sales go towards research and development
  • 214 published articles (Dec 2020)
  • 13,900 individuals have participated in studies (Dec 2020)



BioGaia contributes to society by offering products that contribute and support human health.

  • 47.9M SEK in tax
  • 3.7M SEK in charities
  • Lower cost to society for ill health