Welcome to the application site for BioGaia Academy Expert Program in Gastrointestinal Health.

BioGaia Academy Expert Program is an advanced program about probiotics in gastrointestinal health in adults that aims to develop a community of international probiotic experts who share the same desire to learn, to share and to teach about probiotics.

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I will be available to travel for the start meeting, taking place 20-21 February 2025, and for the graduation meeting, taking place 2-3 October 2025.
I’m aware that travel expenses and accommodation are not covered by BioGaia, but sponsorship could be discussed with local distributor.
I have read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions BioGaia Academy” (link to it)
I consent that BioGaia use my personal data for the purposes described in ”Terms and Conditions BioGaia Academy” (link to it)

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