Nutraingredients, IPA and other experts roundly reject conclusions of ”brain fog” paper

With a unified voice IPA (International Probiotics Association) and the scientific community are now criticizing the study by Rao et al. that claimed to have shown a​​ connection between use of probiotics and brain fogginess.

“In scanning the paper I see no evidence of casuality between probiotic use and the symptoms described. They don’t touch on the idea that the subjects may have been self-medicating with probiotics to counter the GI symptoms. They did not test withdrawal of probiotic alone to resolve symptoms, said Dr Paul Forsythe, PhD, of McMaster University and expert on the gut-brain connection.”

“To call this science is insulting to thousands of scientific studies out there confirming the safe and effective use of probiotics. Consumers should always consult with the doctors or medical professionals before using probiotics, but to suggest that they are making people confused or disoriented based on this laughable study is absurd, said Dr Dan Fabricant, PhD, president and CEO of the Natural Products Association.”

“Misleading the scientific community, popular press and above all consumers in this way is irresponsible and the authors should more clearly communicate the short comings of their work in light of the above criticism. In this perspective, also the journal that published this work and the editor need to know their responsibility. Here the peer-review process has clearly failed, the IPA statement said.”


Read the article in Nutraingredients


BioGaia's comment on study by Rao et al. 2018, “Brain fogginess, gas and bloating: a link between SIBO, probiotics and metabolic acidosis

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