Annual General Meeting of BioGaia

The Annual General Meeting of BioGaia AB (publ) on 7 May 2024 voted, among other things, to approve the following resolutions:

  • adoption of the income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet
  • discharge from liability for the Board members and the CEO
  • a dividend of SEK 1.90 per share plus an extra dividend of SEK 5 per share resulting in a total dividend of SEK 6.90 per share and a grant of SEK 4.4 million to “The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance” that was founded by BioGaia in 2017. The purpose of the foundation is to reduce antibiotic resistance through support to research, education and information activities that promote of the use of products and methods that prevent and therefore reduce the use of antibiotics and the risk of antibiotic resistance
  • the number of Board members shall be eight without deputies and re-election of Anthon Jahreskog, Bénédicte Flambard, David Dangoor, Peter Rothschild, Vanessa Rothschild, Barbro Fridén, Outi Armstrong and Vesa Koskinen as Board members
  • re-election of Peter Rothschild as Board chairman and David Dangoor as deputy Board chairman
  • the auditor shall be a registered accounting firm and re-election of the registered accounting firm Deloitte AB
  • board member remuneration in an amount of SEK 910,000 to the Board chairman, SEK 510,000 to the deputy Board chairman, SEK 290,000 to each of the other Board members elected by the general meeting, SEK 124,000 to the chairman of the audit committee and SEK 62,000 each to the other members of the audit committee and SEK 50,000 to the chairman of the remuneration committee and SEK 25,000 to each to the other members of the remuneration committee
  • an additional, monthly remuneration of not more than SEK 35,000 to the chairman of the Board for duties in addition to the assignment as chairman of the Board. Any such additional remuneration shall be paid according to separate agreement and the Board’s detailed decision
  • auditors’ fee shall be paid according to approved account
  • on a nominating committee in accordance with the nominating committee’s proposal,
  • approval of the Board of Director’s remuneration report
  • to adopt new remuneration guidelines, and
  • to implement the employee stock option program 2024/2028 through a directed issue of a total of 591,642 warrants to BioGaia AB (publ). 500,000 warrants may be allocated to participants in the program, and the remaining 91,642 may be used to cover any cash flow effects due to social security costs arising from the program. The employee stock option program 2024/2028 will vest over a three-year period and can thereafter be exercised to subscribe for B shares up to and including 30 August 2028. Provided that the established targets are met, each employee stock option entitles the holder to acquire one (1) new B share in BioGaia AB (publ) at a price corresponding to 125 per cent of the volume-weighted average price of the company’s share on Nasdaq Stockholm during a period of ten (10) trading days prior to today’s general meeting. The increase in the company’s share capital may, upon full exercise of the warrants, amount to a maximum of SEK 118,328.33. The detailed terms and conditions of the program are set out in the notice to the general meeting and in the minutes that will be published on the company’s website.

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About BioGaia
BioGaia is an innovative Swedish healthcare company that develops, markets, and sells probiotic products with documented health benefits. The products are sold through local distribution partners or via own distribution in over 100 markets. The class B share of the Parent Company BioGaia AB is quoted on the Mid Cap segment of Nasdaq Stockholm.

Press release Annual General Meeting 2024

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Press release Annual General Meeting 2024

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