Interview with Managing Director Axel Sjöblad – Q1 2018

Axel Sjöblad, Managing Director of BioGaia AB, answers the following questions regarding Q1 2018:

  • How do you want to summarize the development of the first quarter 2018?
  • Two published new meta-analysis have investigated the effect of BioGaia’s drops for infant colic. Can you comment on the results?
  • BioGaia has completed a number of launched during the quarter. Which ones do you want to highlight?
  • A temporary disruption affect the production of Easy dropper. Which markets are affected by this?
  • EBIT remained unchanged Y/Y and was affected by changed accounting principles. Van you tell us more about this?
  • BioGaia has expanded its ownership in MetaboGen. What does this mean for the Group financially?