BioGaia appointed best company in Sweden

The Swiss investment management company Hérens Quality Asset Management has appointed BioGaia winner of Corporate Excellence Award 2019 Sweden.

Hérens Quality Asset Management annually recognises and appoints companies around the globe with excellent track records in terms of both historical and current performance. The ranking is based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria and includes characteristics such as having a focused business model, being family owned, addressing CSR issues and having better Co2 emission scores than the market.

Corporate Excellence Award winners are appointed on country level and from these companies a European and a Global winner is appointed. Some of the other country winners 2019 were Novo Nordisk in Denmark, Hermès International in France and Naver Corp in South Korea, ie companies operating in very different industries and of different sizes. Rational AG in Germany was appointed European winner and SEI Investments in the USA Global winner 2019. Link to the report.