BioGaia at PPP – Probiotics and Prebiotics in Pediatrics


ThursdayApril 12, 201800:00


SaturdayApril 14, 201800:00


Bari, Italy

On April 12-14, BioGaia participated at the PPP-meeting which is the conference for Pro- and Prebiotics in Pediatrics. The congress that took place in Bari attracted almost 500 visitors from all around the world, all with a very special interest and belief in probiotics and prebiotics.

BioGaia was represented with an 18 sqm booth presenting two main themes; Functional GI disorders in children with focus on infantile colic and the new concept “Mother and Child”.

The latter is in short about the colonization theory of the baby’s microbiota, and more specifically how maternal bacteria are transferred from mother to baby. We know that this occur during vaginal delivery and breastfeeding but new discoveries point to that microbial communication may already start during pregnancy. A healthy maternal microbiota is therefore important for a healthy one in the offspring. On the booth wall, we high-lighted how L. reuteri Protectis can improve the microbiota in babies born by Cesarean section.

In addition, we hosted a symposium on the theme “The importance of microbial exposure on the child during pregnancy and delivery. Can probiotics make a difference?”

The setup was in the manner of Brilliant Minds Studio, where Professor Michael Cabana from the University of California hosted the session in an excellent way and with Dr. Flavia Indrio, neo-natologist and pediatric gastroenterologist, University of Bari, Italy, Dr. Thomas Abrahamsson, Neonatologist Crown Princess Victoria´s Children and Youth Hospital in Linköping, Sweden and Professor Maria Jenmalm, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden as prominent guests.

Besides the conference program, the marketing and sales department had a mini-workshop with our European partners, where we shared the latest scientific and marketing news and they got the chance to interact and share experience with each other.


The booth was a shining star compared to other exhibitors’ and the interest was great with nearly 300 visitors.