BioGaia – a world-leader with unique products

2016 marked the passing of ten years since BioGaia launched its own brand. A great deal has happened since then. At that time, the focus was on Protectis drops for infants with colic. Now BioGaia works with both a wider range of indications and more products – for infants, toddlers, children and adults.

he strategy to focus on finished consumer products sold under our own brand has been further sharpened since the launch in 2006 and the goal is to continuously raise the share of BioGaia-branded products. Today there is a growing interest in probiotics around the world and new products are being launched constantly. The market is increasingly competitive and fragmented and the shelves of both pharmacies and grocery stores are filled with probiotics of various types.

This puts new demands on BioGaia’s brand and the way in which it is communicated. As a result, in 2016 a whole new brand platform was developed with the aim of strengthening the BioGaia brand and making it the only brand. Consequently, Protectis, Prodentis and Gastrus are no longer brands, only product names. A new graphic design was also created to clarify the product advantages and highlight BioGaia’s clean, fresh and appealing design idiom.

The new package design is now being implemented by partners around the world. The goal is for all partners working with the BioGaia brand to have implemented the new design by the end of 2018.

Today BioGaia’s products are sold in around 90 countries. Pediatrics accounts for over 80 percent of total sales and Adult Health for 15 percent. Other revenue accounts for 5 percent. BioGaia Protectis drops are still the largest product, with sales in some 70 countries. Other important products in the Pediatrics area are Protectis drops with vitamin D, oral rehydration solution and digestive health tablets. The most common areas of use for children and infants are colic, regurgitation, constipation and diarrhea.

In Adult Health, the digestive health tablets and oral health lozenges are the key products. The primary indications here are general digestive health, constipation and, in the oral health area, gingivitis, periodontal disease and candida.

In 2016 BioGaia launched Easy dropper, BioGaia Protectis drops in a new user-friendly package. The tube enables more precise dosing and has the same long and stable shelf life at room temperature as the glass bottle. Several countries, such as Finland, Italy and France, have already introduced Easy Dropper and the feedback from the market is very positive. Additional launches are planned for 2017. ●